Alaska Wildflowers Collection

Alaska has wonderful summers. It is in fact a much awaited time of the year where the outdoors become Alaskans’ playground. People go out to hike, camp, fish and just enjoy nature.

This summer, I am introducing my Alaska Wildflowers Collection. It is a tribute to Alaska’s gorgeous wildflowers: fireweed, lupine, forget-me-not and daisy. The Fireweed Chunky Hats actually came out last fall, receiving a really good response from our community.

Here are a few details regarding the stitches that I have used for each wildflower.


The Fireweed Chunky Hats are simply crafted to highlight this gorgeous wildflower. The pink flowers are created using french knots and the leaves were stitched using long stitches.


The Lupine Chunky Hats use a variety of purple shade yarns to create a gradient effect. This gorgeous wildflower is stitched using french knots and lazy daisy stitches for the leaves.


The Forget Me Not Chunky Hats are stitched with the lovely bullion knot as the center and long stitches for the petals.


The Daisies Chunky Hats feature the lovely and friendly Shasta Daisies. The flowers petals are stitched using long stitches with the center stitch in french knots.

These hats are now available on Shelah Knits Etsy Shop. It would be a unique gift for your lady friends. Visit my shop or drop me a message.

Enjoy your summer!


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