The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting – A Book Review

Between knitting, meeting orders, advertising and marketing, it is easy to get lost with the humdrum of it all. I have been meaning to share with you one of my older projects.

With a vast amount of resources online, starting on a new project is quite easy.  From blogs to videos to tutorials, you can find anything that your creativity fancies without much trouble. Once in a while though, I find interesting knitting patterns in books.  I am very fond of knitted accessories and I incorporate these stitches to make small and quick projects such as gloves.

The stitch is called the Twisted Rib II with an Easy skill level. I used two colors just to break the monotony, not that it’s dull. I think the white border gave it more depth and variation, wouldn’t you say?

These gloves were knitted as 2 separate rectangular pieces using flat knitting. To form the fingerless gloves, I sewed the 2 sides and left gaps for the thumbs.

If you like textures and colors in your knitting, check out the book The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Margaret Hubert – 2nd Edition. The patterns are for all knitters, with skill levels varying from easy to intermediate to experienced. I especially love this book because I am a visual learner and I like seeing how the stitches are done and comparing them to my work, and with this book’s big, colorful photos, I can do exactly that.

The link above to Margaret’s book is her Amazon page. Check out some of the pretty textures from this book.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I would love to know what stitches you’re working on and pictures would be fun too! You can also visit me on social media and tag me with your pictures!

Full credit for the patterns/stitches used go to the respective author and publishers.


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