Wishbone Headband by Susann Hummel

  • Project Started: August 3, 2020
  • Project Finished: August 6, 2020

The Wishbone Headband Pattern by Susan Hummel is from a Ravelry Knit-Along group. You can find my Ravelry profile here.

For this project, I used these materials:

  • Yarn: Lion Brand’s Heartland in Yosemite colorway, scrap yarn in contrasting color

  • Knitting needles: Clover Takumi US 6 (4 mm) double pointed needles, 3 needles of which 1 was used as a cable needle

  • Crochet hook: Susan Bates US G6/4 mm

What caught my eye on this project was the main cable, the Seeded Wishbone stitch. Newstitchaday is my go-to website for a pretty wide variety of video tutorials. You can find a tutorial for this beautiful cable stitch here. And as gorgeous as this cable stitch is, I think the simple left and right leaning cable stitches add to its charm.

The pattern itself is a bit complicated for beginners. Yes, the main stitches used are just the basic knit and purl, however, it recommends the provisional cast-on to start off the project. I have never done a provisional cast-on ever so I was so thrilled to try and learn something new. Using the provisional cast-on, together with the kitchener stitch, eliminates having to weave the ends at the end of the project. The cables… oh, you will definitely get lots of practice with this pattern!

It took me a while to finally be satisfied with how Row 1 looks. I had to try the provisional cast-on a few times before getting comfortable with it. However, once I had that established, it was easy enough to follow the rest of the pattern. I find it exciting to work again on a pattern that is not mine and learn some new stitches along the way.

If you are on Ravelry, you should check this Knit-Along pattern. It does not have an ending date so you can work on it whenever you want. There are also plenty of helpful resources to guide you along the way.

Project updates will be posted here as I go. How about you? Have you done the provisional cast-on before?

I finally finished this project and here are the rest of the photos. It was very satisfying considering with the kitchener stitch, it was a different way to bind it off or sewing it together. I really enjoyed that.

What do you think about the Seeded Wishbone Cable Stitch? I would love to hear your input.


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