Reed Lakes Hike – August 2020

Last week, I finally had the opportunity to hike Reed Lakes with some amazing ladies. This popular hiking trail around Hatcher’s Pass highlights the lower and upper Reed Lakes which are about a mile apart. You can find more information about this trail on the website.

Reed Lakes Trail Map

From the trailhead, it is a fairly easy hike that follows an old mining road along Reed Creek. The path reminds me of the valleys towards the Symphony-Eagle Lakes, except when you get to the wooden makeshift bridges, there is a switchback up the side of the mountain that leads to a beautiful waterfall. The switchback trail is mainly compressed dirt held with rocks and small boulders which I think is a tremendous help for the soil to not erode. That day, the steep parts of this path was scary to trek on the way down because they were slippery mud. The trail is also filled with blueberry bushes and fireweed, the gorgeous fireweed!

The boulder part is pretty challenging, at least for me. I am certain other people would find it easy but if you have not done a lot of hiking in Alaska, please be warned. They are huge, gigantic boulders that one can easily slip from and get injured. On the other hand, I can also see why this sense of adventure is so worth it. People not only trek these mountains for the scenic view and adrenaline, but also for the experience of it.

After passing the boulders, there is a stream with again, boulders that we had to climb up on. However, as I learned on the way back while it was drizzling, getting in the water instead was better. There were some shallow parts so it was not that bad, as opposed to slipping while trying to get on the boulders which can be pretty disastrous.

At the hill overlooking Lower Reed Lake.

We had our little lunch at the lower lake. It was indescribable! Blues, greens and the light reflection just made it so beautiful and pristine.
At the top of the hill on the way to Upper Reed Lake, there is a beautiful waterfalls off a granite ledge, framed with mountain ridges that look like they were carved into an intricate formation.

It is about another mile up the hill to reach the Upper Reed Lake. When we got there, we snapped a couple of photos and by the time we were heading back, it started drizzling. The setting looked like it was from the movie Lord of the Rings, with the fog and the mist. This hike was definitely in my bucket list and I am so thrilled to say, I was able to check it off! If you ask me right after the hike if I would do it again, it would have be a resounding NO but now that my body has been repaired, I will gladly do it again.


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