Fairbanks Weekend

So last Friday morning, the first thing my husband asked me was “Are you up for driving to Fairbanks for the weekend?” Since this pandemic, we have not been out of Alaska and it is always a refreshing switch to take a road trip for a change of atmosphere. Of course, it took me two seconds to say yes.

Fairbanks is a good 5-6 hour drive from Anchorage. It was a nice, long drive and the sun now rises at around 8:00 AM so we got to see that golden sunrise glow behind the mountains. One thing though, while it was dark still, it was a bit scary driving and being aware of moose and wildlife that can suddenly cross the street or jump on the road. But we made it… and now, I would like to share these views with you.

These were just along the Denali Highway. You can see that the mountains now have snow dusting on them, signaling that snow is due to come any day now. The lowest temperature we came across was 19 degrees Celsius.

Now I should admit that whenever we go to Fairbanks, we cannot not go to the Santa Claus House in North Pole. It is one of my happy places! My favorite is seeing Santa with Mrs Claus and I love browsing through the whole store for Christmas ornaments.

The first four photos were taken back in August, when we visited then. Since I missed the opportunity to post them, I think they are still good to share. While the last two photos were from our visit last week, taken beside my favorite Christmas trees!

On the way back, we stopped at a spot by the Nenana River and took some of these pictures. I recently finished a pattern test call for Kalurah Hudson’s Chai Latte Beanie. Isn’t it lovely? You can find her work on Ravelry and Instagram, @kalurah.

So that was our weekend and it was actually a nice break from all the knitting. I started creating my Christmas line last week in preparation for the upcoming Market Days for Revive Home Market, which is this local shop that I bring my hats to.

My next post will be featuring my Christmas line so watch out for that! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to follow me on social media for updates, upcoming sales and coupons.

Happy making!


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