Let Your Light Shine

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I am sure all of us have different intense emotions regarding 2020.

For me, 2020 was more bitter than sweet. Everyone can relate to how the pandemic affected us globally. I think this year was a big test for all of us with regards to our faith and our character. We were challenged to be patient, more kind and considerate, loving and trusting. We had to deal with difficult decisions and situations with grace and wisdom. Those are not easy. For most of us, those are way out of our comfort zone.

Our downtown square – there is an ice rink in the middle and behind the trees are good hills for sledding.

But I choose to believe that there is always hope. Amidst the darkness, we can be the light. With the gloom and ugliness around us, we can shine.

The moon tonight.. behind birch trees.

Have you noticed how the Christmas lights around us are a bit more illuminating? I guess it depends on our perspective. The fact is, even with the empty town squares and lack of the holiday hustle and bustle, life moves on. We can choose to be the light in the darkness, and bring a bit of joy to the gloominess. Whether it be a random act of kindness, volunteering for a good cause, a smile or an encouragement, will surely impact someone’s day.

To all our frontline and essential workers who continue to sacrifice their safety and time away from their families, we appreciate all of you and we want to thank you for letting your light shine.

Let us all be faithful and strong. I wish you all a blessed new year!


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