Jasmine Crochet Stitch

The Jasmine Crochet Stitch is a floral stitch that resembles a star. The stitch is created using elongated stitches similar to the puff stitch. It might be tricky at first to master the Jasmine crochet stitch but it gets easier with practice. The key is to avoid pulling on your stitches too tightly.

The Jasmine Crochet Stitch reminds me of the Sampaguita on the photo. It is a jasmine specie native to tropical Asia. This specific jasmine is the national flower of the Philippines and it symbolizes love and purity. Filipinos would make garlands out of these white, fragrant flowers to bestow honor and accolade.


  • US H 5.00 mm crochet hook.
  • Lion Brand Mandala in color Happy and US H 5.00mm crochet hook

Video Tutorial

This is a really beautiful stitch. It is perfect for blankets, scarves and even hats. The puffed stitches will make your project thicker and it is reversible since you are getting the same look on both sides. In addition, who does not enjoy having less ends to weave in afterwards?

Please let me know if you have questions about this pattern. I would be happy to assist you!

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