Fishing Trip and Solstice Wrap

Last week, we went on a short fishing trip down at Seward, Alaska. My husband and son went down the beach while I took some photos and enjoyed the site and wildlife. The place was packed with trailers and RVs. There were families camping and enjoying a bonfire and a majority of people heading down the beach to fish.

We have been to several fishing spots in Seward including this site. However, we have not caught any from here before so it was a pleasant surprise when my husband caught this salmon on the second cast! Check out how the seagulls were notoriously waiting for their fish gut lunch. I was amazed, as always, by the majestic flying of the bald and brown eagles!

Here are some photos of the Solstice Wrap that I have finally finished. I used Lion Brand’s Mandala Ombre Yarn in Tranquility. Enjoy these stunning pictures of our beautiful state.

What are your summer plans? What projects are you working on? I would love to hear your stories!

Happy summer!


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