Joining Granny Squares Using Single Crochet

Granny squares are so versatile and they never go out of style. Check out these celebrities sporting the classic granny squares from Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, to Harry Styles.

Granny squares give you tons of options on what to create: scarves, bags, hats, gloves, to larger projects like sweaters and blankets. You name it.

Having said that, it is definitely useful to know and learn a few ways to join and attach your granny squares. There are a few ways for joining them and I would love to show you some other methods in my next posts.

For this tutorial, we are talking about the single crochet join. The single crochet join is easy, simple and beautiful. If you would like some color contrast on your join, you can use a different color of yarn. I prefer using the same color as the square for less visibility. However, I used a different color for this tutorial.

Here is a short video I posted on Instagram a while back. But you can also find a more detailed photo tutorial below.

Photo Tutorial

  • To begin, set up your granny squares by facing the right sides together.
  • With a new strand of yarn, start on the corner by picking up the back loops of the first stitch(es) of the two squares. Leave a 6-8 inch tail (at least) for weaving in ends.
  • Do a single crochet on each stitch that follows. Be careful aligning the stitches and make sure that you are only picking up the back loops.
  • Continue until you reach the other end corner, again leaving at least 6-8 inches for weaving in ends.
  • Repeat the process on the other sides of the squares that need to be joined. Weave in the ends. And you are done.

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