Alaska Ridges Beanie

Knitting Pattern

The Alaska Ridges Beanie, inspired by Alaska’s mountain ridges, reminds me of the rugged and beautiful terrain of the Last Frontier. This beanie is a very stretchy hat and features a simple yet lovely texture using some basic knitting stitches.

  • This pattern offers 2 gauge options: First option is in pattern (gauge pattern provided) and the second option is in stockinette stitch. Both gauges are worked in the round and blocked.
Gauge swatch in pattern (knit in the round)
Gauge swatch in stockinette stitch (knit in the round)


SSK Decrease

Ssk (slip, slip, knit) is a decrease stitch leaning to the left. It decreases the stitch count by 1.

Slip stitch as if to knit, slip the next stitch as if to knit, slip the left needle back into the 2 stitches and knit those 2 stitches together.

This is how an ssk looks like. You can see that it decreased the 2 stitches by 1 and the decrease is leaning to the left.


P2tog (purl 2 together) is a decrease stitch that decreases the stitch count by 1.

Insert your right hand needle through 2 stitches purlwise and purl those 2 stitches as 1 stitch.

Swatching in the Round

This is a tutorial on making a gauge swatch in the round. The number of stitches and rows used are solely for the purpose of demonstrating the technique and is not associated with any pattern.

Available Now!

This knitting pattern is a PDF file of the hat featured, not the actual hat. It is currently available on Etsy and Ravelry.


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